Please note:

  • Updating the firmware by the customer is not covered by our warranty.
  • It is not possible to replace the installed firmware with an older version.
  • Kniel Flash Tool is only available in english.
  • Firmware versions 03.xx.yy are compatible with DSP Type F2808
  • Firmware versions 05.xx.yy are compatible with DSP Type F2809
  • Flashing can be done either via RS232 or USB. Since RS232 is the fallback interface it is possible to flash a power supply independant from the interface setting (RS232, USB, LAN, CAN) in the power supply.
    To connect via USB, the USB driver  must be installed on the PC. The power supply must be connected directly, do not use hubs between PC and power supply.

Download the  Kniel Flash Tool and unzip the archive. Kniel Flash Tool does not need to be installed.

Download the  current firmware and unzip the archive. Check the MD5 checksum .

Find the currently installed version of the firmware and the type of the DSP. You can use DemoApp2 for that. If the power supply has an internal or external HMI scroll the display down to find the version of the firmware and the type of the DSP.

The chosen interface of the PC (RS232 or USB) must be configured for 57,6 kBaud. In step 6 you will need the name of the interface (COM…) which should be in the range COM0…COM9. The interface may not be used by any other application at the same time.

If neccessary, connect the chosen interface on the PC with its counterpart on the power supply.

Start Kniel_Flash_Tool_28x.exe. Only at the first start you will be asked to accept our terms of usage with a click on Confirm Terms of Usage. If neccessary, switch to the tab Flash.

Kniel Flash Tool - GUI

Step 1: Select a COM-Port
Choose the interface on your PC you want to use (see item 4). You can reload the list of available interfaces.

Step 2: Select a firmware file (.hex)
Chosse the .hex file you downloaded earlier.

Step 3: Select a DSP type
Verify the automatic choice of the DSP and if neccessary, change it.

Find the recessed buttons BOOT and RESET. You can use the buttons directly on the power supply or on an externally connected HMI.
Bring the power supply into Flash Mode. If you want to use the interface, that is currently configured in the power supply:

  1. Hold down the button BOOT.
  2. Press RESET for less than 1 second.
  3. Release BOOT.

Alternatively, you can override the interface selection set in the power supply and perform the firmware update via RS232. No USB cable may be connected here.

  1. Hold down the button BOOT.
  2. Press RESET for longer than 1 second.
  3. Release RESET.
  4. Release BOOT.

The power supply goes into Flash Mode. The contents of the display and the status of all LEDs on the power supply and HMI during the update are random and have no meaning.

Step 4: Start Flash Process:
Start the process with a click on Flash.

Kniel Flash Tool - Konsole

A console window appears and display the progress and possible errors.

Kniel Flash Tool - Konsole - loading kernel

If the Flash Tool can not connect to the power supply, check the interface settings and observe the operating time of the RESET button (item 8).

Kniel Flash Tool - Konsole - programming flash

The new firmware has been uploaded, the old firm is being deleted.

Kniel Flash Tool - Konsole - finished

The flash process is finished. The new firmware has been installed. You can now close the console window and Kniel Flash Tool.

On the power supply or connected HMI push the button RESET once briefly to restart the power supply. It might take a few seconds for the boot process to start.

Caveat: If you push RESET a second time before the power supply completes the boot process, the power supply is not ready for operation.
Power supplies with display show the message SYSTEM--ERROR: HW - EEPROM RESET THE MICRO CONTROLLER.
Remedy: the power supply needs to be reset to factory settings.
Regardless of whether the power supply has an HMI with display, you can do this with DemoApp2 . Connect to the power supply and go to the Configuration backup, Factory reset tab. Select the desired Reset mode and release the reset.
Power supplies with HMI can also be reset to the factory settings from the HMI:

  1. Press the QUICK and ENTER (CONFIRM) buttons on the HMI at the same time to stop the error display and return to the normal menu.
  2. Set the power supply to operation mode CONFIG.

Check the firmware version number in the power supply.

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