• for 19”-systems
  • for wall mounting
  • for DIN-rail mounting


  • low emission

  • switched with AC input
  • switched with DC input

Many variants

  • up to 3 outputs
  • up to 60W output power
  • in different sizes, depending on output power

Filter by input voltage:

Filter by programming options:



  • AC:
  • 115/230 Vac
  • 115 Vac
  • 230 Vac
  • 3x400 Vac
  • DC:
  • 18-36 Vdc
  • 36-75 Vdc
  • 43-53 Vdc
  • 75-150 Vdc
  • 150-300 Vdc


  • V
  • V and I
  • V, I and P
  • V
  • V and I
  • V, I and P


  • RS 232
  • USB
  • CAN
  • LAN
  • Uprog 0 - 5V
  • Uprog 0 - 10V
  • Rprog
Type Article no Output Measurements Topology Mounting Details Manual Auslauftyp Ersatz MONTAGEART_19 MONTAGEART_TL MONTAGEART_GB MONTAGEART_HL MONTAGEART_HZ MONTAGEART_WL MONTAGEART_WZ A_PROG_UOUT A_PROG_IOUT A_PROG_POUT A_PROG_UPROG_5V A_PROG_UPROG_10V A_PROG_RPROG_10K A_PROG_POTI D_PROG_UOUT D_PROG_IOUT D_PROG_POUT D_PROG_RS232 D_PROG_USB D_PROG_CAN D_PROG_LAN ac_115 ac_230 ac_115+230 ac_3x400 dc_18-36 dc_36-75 dc_43-53 dc_75-150 dc_150-300 I_1 I_2 I_3 I_4 Datenblatt Beschreibung Thumb Bild Webtext

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Fixed voltages
for 19” systems

Ajustable power supplies
for 19” systems

Programmable power supplies
for 19” systems

energy for 19” systems

Fixed voltages
for wall mounting and DIN-rail mounting

Adjustable power supplies
for wall mounting and DIN-rail mounting

Programmable power supplies
for wall mounting and DIN-rail mounting

energy installation for wall mounting

Firmware, Flash-Tool, Drivers

General information


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